Project TrailPorn

There’s this site called where people send in their photographs of the amazing trails they are running on, from all over the world. I think it’s a really good idea – text and blurb kept to an absolute minimum – and just really letting the pictures speak for themselves.


Examples of successful submissions to As you can see, interest in the foreground, stunning vistas in the background and clear trails.


We’re really enjoying seeing all the new regular additions of photographs. But from our very first view of the site, we knew that we’re in the middle of some TrailPorn ourselves. So we came up with the challenge of getting a photograph on their site. There are a wealth of trails all over North Wales. And on a good day, pretty much all of our everyday morning run is TrailPorn material…

…like this for example:


me running round Llyn Mair. We imaginitively refer to it as ‘Lake 1’

From studying the submissions to the site, I think my favourite ones have a creative spin on them, where the runner isn’t dominating the scenery, and the natural environment can do all the talking. With this in mind, we worked on our shoot.

Avid readers will remember when Russell got so lost in a race that I came in before him (see post here). Well while I was following the correct route, Russell was busy getting side-tracked in a huge slate quarry and thinking what a great place for a run. So as to mitigate the embarrassment of such a crushing defeat, we could only think this was all meant to be. We had found our main site for the project.

Attempt 1: We went armed with our trusted old-school disposable camera and our crappy digital movie camera.

Site = Moel Tryfan Slate Quarry
Weather = Clear blue sky, snow on mountains
Photographer = Me
Aspiring Model = Russell
Staff Team Cohesion = Poor. An argument ensued as I failed to slide off a slate hill quick enough for aspiring model’s liking. I fear the whole thing hasn’t even gone to his head yet!
End Result = Not good enough


Attempt 2: Bring in my dad the photographer, and his kick-ass camera

Site = Moel Tryfan Slate Quarry
Photographer = Tony Othen
Model = Russell
Stylist = Russell, now deciding to wear a sort of white nightie and getting quite touchy about it when mentioned
Onlookers, support and general backseat driving = Mum and Me
Staff Team Cohesion = Good. No Arguments
End Result = Flippin amazing – if TrailPorn don’t publish us, we don’t like them anymore


If we succeed, we receive the princely sum of $25 (split 4 ways). We’ll let you know how we get on.


22 thoughts on “Project TrailPorn

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  2. Don’t I remember you saying you could asses peoples favorite photo from your blog feedback data………. I say let the people decide. Tony’s photo is great and I quite like the second to last of your first attempt. Does a slate quarry qualify as a “natural” environment? I’ll take my camera for photo opportunities amongst the mountains of Derby.

    • You’re quite right there about ‘natural’ environment. I’m sure it still qualifies as a trail though… And you can see trails on the mountain behind. But I just checked the site and they’ve put up a bit of a rubbish photo – for the first time ever. Getting worried. If they don’t put it on, we could start a rival site concentrating on the ‘un-natural’ environment.

  3. I now have a new favourite blog post of yours… this one — fantastic! And I’m glad to see that Nina is alive and well and back blogging!

      • Penners – It’s been so great to hear from you of late. You are our original first most exciting comment from someone we didn’t know. And thanks for noticing that Russell was taking over with all these races. I mean I’m out here making a lot of coffee and serving a lot of cake (we don’t just do ice-cream) – there’s got to be plenty of talk about that to go around. Don’t forget to drop us a line when you’re next in the area for a run. We want to keep our lives out here running for as long as we can. Where there’s a will and all that…

    • And a dressing gown to go with that dressing room. I tell you, he’s changed beyond all recognition. He got the clippers out today for an almost clean shave and a very patchy homemade haircut. There was nothing I could do about as I was out training on the track in Bangor all morning.

  4. A veritable lolcano today. I thought your first pics were great until I saw dad’s. And Russel is making that nightie *werk* (that’s something gay people say as they snap their fingers). There’s too many good porn jokes here, but I think Dad’s topped them all.

  5. The things a father has to do for his children are many and varied but never did I imagine that the word porn would be associated with any of them. Well done support team.

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