Making the Big-Time


We have just reached 100 followers! We are so excited that we have to send a little post to celebrate. We have been having a party up here in Gelli, oh my gosh, it’s madness! First Nina actually drew out 100 stick men to represent all of you so you could be here with us,

then we had a little dance, yes Nina does slap me in the face for no apparent reason…



THEN, we remembered we needed ginger cake and custard to do this properly. We had a tin of custard hiding on the shelves (who doesn’t) but no ginger cake. The nearest shop is down the mountain and 5 miles along the road, so Nina put her genius baking skills to good use and made one, out of stuff around the house. She cooked it on a gas hob in a pan, and it was delicious I am not lying!


The stats page on our blog tells us that people from 41 different countries have stopped by to see us. The main mass of our views coming from the UK (3,378), then the USA (211), and Germany (55).

Our most popular post so far is First to Last with 444 viewers, everyone obviously loved hearing about Nina beating Russell in a race. Karma car is the least popular with only 43. OK, point taken, us running out of petrol was not the most exciting story in the world, but there is a lovely gallery at the end!


This is the most popular picture. Really? REALLY??? Russell standing in some woods in the rain…Come on!


The top google search that led to our blog was ‘gelli power’, but further down the list there were some more interesting ones…

  • ‘cottage in Snowdonia wanted running water, electricity’

this is totally not the place for you. You are a bit demanding aren’t you!

  • ‘who was in power in 1899?’

No idea. Margaret Thatcher?

  • ‘lift wanted to Snowdon’

Sure! the more the merrier. You’re not an Axe-murderer are you?

  • ‘gelli ice cream’

We know a great place, Nina works there. Best flavour is ‘Sticky Toffee’, stay away from the ‘Blue Bubblegum’ it’s nasty

  • ‘best shoes to wear for Snowdon Race?’

Hmmm, we would go with Inov-8 Talons, good luck by the way!

It’s been almost 5 months and 20 posts and we are still enjoying it immensely. A massive thankyou to all of you cool cats who clicked ‘get Gellipower on a regular’, you make it all feel easy!

Our favourite picture happens to be on the least popular post, so here is it again seeing as you all missed it!

Our favourite picture on Gelli Power happens to feature in the least popular post, so here is it again seeing as you all missed it!


18 thoughts on “Making the Big-Time

  1. Thanks for the mention ‘anonymous’ poster! Sorry i’ve been a little slack recently! As for what I think of the tomfoolery… pretty standard for those two party animals. Cake and custard WOO WOO raise the roof! And I think that you are reading the “views” all wrong Russell, it’s by no means a reflection of the blog entry’s content, its not like an epic book or Star Wars Trilogy you don’t go back and read it over and over! You should note that your supposedly highest rated blog post “First to Last” was your most recent and the other an early post. Clearly the longer you continue writing posts on your blog as the number of followers increase the number of views on your most recent posts will proportionally rise!

    • That is true you are quite right. Although Karma car was our 3rd post, so presumably the preceding two should have even lower views? Also, what do you think of the new site layout?

  2. what does Paul have to say about all of this tomfoolery? I haven’t seen a comment from him for a long time. Anyway Nina was he tramping on your toes when he got his well deserved slap?

  3. Congrats! That’s how you make it, one at a time. One mile at a time running, one word at a time writing, and one follower at a time with your blog. Keep it going!

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