Four seasons in one month

It’s not that we hate digital photography, the majority of our photos are taken with our digi camcorder. But we much prefer the classy and timeless feel of old 35mm film. The below were all taken in film, some with a disposable camera, and others with the Xpro Lomo (see post Xpro for explanation on what the hell that means!).

We were gifted an impressive array of different weathers inside the month of Feb and thought you might like to see some of them, as a tranquil and ‘ah isn’t nature beautiful’ kinda way to start your weekend! You can click on the images to see them bigger, if you want to, if you think they are all rubbish, then probably don’t bother. Have a great weekend!

All our photographs are processed by Nigel Hughes Photography here in Porthmadog. Nigel and his assistant John really know their stuff, and have never failed to print beautifully for us. We get so excited when we go to pick up our film, having pretty much forgotten what’s on it


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