lomoMy Brother kindly bought me this very cool Lomograph Sardina for Christmas and some XPro film to go with it. XPro is short for ‘Cross Process’, which means deliberately processing film in chemicals intended for a different type of film. The result is supposed to be highly saturated colours and strong contrast. ‘Oh, so just like Instagram but more tricky and expensive?’, Shut it.


We will post again after the weekend, so don’t think we are getting lazy by just throwing up a bunch of pretty pictures (they are pretty though aren’t they)!


5 thoughts on “XPro

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  2. Hi Russell. Thats looks great. 🙂 So you have a lot of fun out there. Nice. I really look forward to run with you in the national xc next week. I hope that we both will do a good race and we have a good time after.
    I already pepared hard for it… in shoe size EUR 51,5. Hope to get faster with this. 😉 My normal size is 42. check the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVlyCz9jvZg

    See you soon,

    best regards from Germany, FLO

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