Group Therapy

So the big news this week is our party of 2 swelled to a party of 6.  Some brave and bold souls made the long haul to us armed with positive vibes and various forms of chocolate. After a great catchup and soup we got to bed abit late considering we planned to conquer three mountains the next day.

The mountains are busy on the weekend and if the weather is nice (which, can you believe it, it was!), they can even be crowded.  We had enough people-power to rearrange the highway-maintenance furniture, and park our bigarse car.  Then we embarked on what no-one (except for maybe Russell) knew was going to be a 7 hour trek!

After bagging the mighty, icy, and scrambly Tryfan, we stumbled onto a black and white movie, set on a completely different planet, otherwise known as the Glyders. Brilliant white ice contrasting with sharp black rocks and suitably treacherous walking conditions. The terrain changed from ice, to snow, to snowy-ice constantly.  On the top of Glyder Fach is the famous Cantilever Stone. This would have made a great team photo – but covered in ice, only the bravest of us made it on. We headed onto Glyder Fawr, trying to speed up the pace to get down safely before dark.  There was lots of sliding down difficult bits on our rears.


Russell is not lost, no, he is ‘re-routing’

The small guidebook made an appearance for our decent. We umm’d and arr’d about taking a route that looked like it would go straight over a cliff. In these conditions, probably not advisable.  We headed off on a friendlier slope and were a little encouraged to see two other walkers. Encouraged until they removed ice picks from their backpacks and threw themselves down an ice wall!  Our party skirted around to the left and put our bums to work again over the ice and rock.

mikey-whiteFinally, the dramatic decent through Devil’s Kitchen, a very steep and foreboding stair that would look at home in Mordor. Most knees were cranking under the strain and everyone was seeing pies, beer, open fires and soft pillows rotating around in front of their eyes (except for Russell, who was too busy getting us lost in the dark).  We fumbled through to the cars just as night closed in, and drove straight to the famous Pete’s Eats where we all ordered extra large plates of carbo crash.

The decision to by-pass the pub and return home was unanimous with all in bed by 10:30pm and Russell and I sitting in the kitchen wondering if they would ever forgive us!


10 thoughts on “Group Therapy

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  3. Big big thanks for a wonderful weekend – such brilliant hosts 🙂 And feels great to have conquered old Tryfan again (ice picks are for wimps) xx

  4. Looking forward to a similar excursion(with route pre-planned) with more to follow the next day 😉

    I loved this blog the most so far, particularly how the text corresponded to the images alongside it! Also liked the caption (encore). And what part did Russell write? I started off thinking it was Russell writing then all of a sudden got to “(except Russell)” and was completely bambozled! I love it!

    • wow, haven’t heard the world ‘bamboozled’ in a while! We are trying to keep you guessing by mixing up who writes and when. We are also going slightly crazy and sometimes like to imitate each other or contradict each other just for some variety in our restricted social sphere! Looking forward to your coming, lot’s of routes in mind but all dependent on weather conditions! See you very soon!

  5. Fantastic weekend and big thanks to you guys for a 5 star effort! – tripple hot water bottles, burning stoves, vodka and zakuskis, apricot-death soup and packed lunches. Was superb. Lotsa love xxx

    • Hey mikey it was great to have you! Lets not forget all the dried mango, yoghurt coated nuts, haribo sweets and wine that you brought! Those haribo ‘tangtastics’ where a hit up on the mountains! Much better than our brown kendel mint cake! Thanks so much for coming it made our week!

  6. Andrew very envious, Jeanne not tooooo sure!! Well done, what an achievement but I am sure the two of you are hardened to this sort of excercise. It would certainly finish me off!!!

    Had a lovely 48 hours in Greenwich with Mum a d Dad. Very cosy, plenty of ironing to do and lots of lovely rugby to watch. Our love to you both Jeanne xx

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