I was all dressed up with nowhere to go at 6am on Saturday morning. I’ve been preparing for a trail half marathon along the Anglesey coast. It’s a really slow course – last year the average for a woman was 2hrs 43 (my PB is 1:50). So with times completely out the window and over the sea, I was looking forward to doing no wrong. After a day of radio being overtaken by weather reports of people with no electricity (can you imagine?!), I checked the race website as soon as I woke up, and sure enough, cancellation was in the biting winter air and on the drifts of snow causing road closures. Shame. I ran a 10k and then a 4.5k and we went to see Les Miserables in Llundudno.  Fun if you enjoy watching Russell Crowe trying to sing.  I don’t.  Things I’m looking forward to this week: more beach running, more snow running, and hopefully a weight session.

By the way – I know you’re all really keen to know whether Russell has even once used the stretch machine that I was so indignant about driving all the way here, let alone walking it up the hill. Well I wouldn’t be bringing it up if he had would I? Something about it being too cold I think…did I mention the cold?


notice the solar panel (by bottom left window) is getting a real workout these days! It’s generating enough electricity to keep a matchbox warm.


13 thoughts on “Snowd.on

  1. Sorry to hear about the half marathon being cancelled, bet you would have smacked it Nina! My brother just saw Les Miserables and said Russell Crows was good and thought Hugh Jackman was the most out of his element! I also agree with the majority of others, that was a wise decision to run round the lake instead. As for this infamous stretch machine (Russell) I recall you telling me that being more flexible wasnt ideal for running and (Nina) on the plus side you now have a good reason not to take it next year when he suggests bringing it again.

  2. What is a stretch machine? Are you sure you are retaining whatever sanity you have left in this extremely inclement weather? Stay safe. I nearly said stay warm.

    • Stretch machine is like a rack to help you do the splits. It is abit of a torture device that has no business up in this hostile climate! Yes we are trying to stay both safe and warm, thanks for posting!

    • Hey Jo thanks for your concern, Russell is doing an excellent job keeping me warm, by letting me do all the chores around the house while he sits infront of the fire. He is so generous! Hope you’re good and see you soon!!!

  3. Common sense? Russell & Nina? That’s the best one I’ve heard this year. This is the guy (Rusty) that used to drive a little red shitbox with very little in the way of brakes around Narrabeen .

  4. yes i too am glad common sense pervailed although i do not know that driving in these downright dangerous conditions is sensible. In fact i know it is not. Sean’s cousin, Jamie’s girlfriend was out in her car and a big lorry swerved into her. She is alright but the morale here is that there is that X factor out there. Never takes chances unless they are worth it. you could try running on the spot. Not only is it physical but it is a menal challange also. And by the way i am glad you are safe and sound. I love you both. ME

    • Yes I think running on the spot by the fire is becoming a more and more attractive proposition! We have been trying not to let the weather dictate terms, but sometimes even mountain goats have to find shelter and sit and wait! Thanks for your concern x

  5. Well, Russell, I’m glad you turned your back on the mountains. Nasty story of avalanche in Glencoe – big bank of snow giving way under experienced climbers. Aaah – it all looks so COLD, I’d get on that stretch torture machine to take your mind off xxx

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