A different kind of Fast


Winter has given us a slap out here this week – and all in all it’s been exhilarating. Last night, anything but ½ a metre from the fire was blowing an icy gale. And generally I don’t know how this translates to me collecting more soot on my face…but it does.

nina-orangesAfter Russell’s Sheffield race, we decided to fast for the day. It was probably the last thing he should do after a frantic week with lots of driving and racing and driving. I like going without food every now and then for a day. It’s supposed to have some health benefits, but I prefer the more mental side of things- the challenge, discipline. You have to be slightly careful about who you inflict this day on, as being hungry and light headed can mean you get short tempered and irritable. All things considered, it’s a marvel we didn’t kill eachother – in fact I don’t even remember a cross word, maybe we were just too tired. But it was to be the start of a more restful week for us than those before the Christmas break. For me, it was great to cut down the running and let in the delights of just being out here.


low-mist2After a very hectic period of race numbers and service stations it was great to be back off the grid up in the little house of Gelli. Friday was a beautiful clear day so we drove to the bottom of the Carneddau, a spectacular range of mountains in Snowdonia. We dressed light so that we could run from peak to peak across some stunning ridges. Being up in the mountains this way is really exciting as you are not weighed down with heavy clothes and backpacks. You have to move fast to stay warm and trust that you won’t run out of steam before you get to the bottom.


We went rock climbing on Saturday with an experienced rock climber friend. Nina and I hadn’t been for a long time so we needed a thorough briefing before heading out. The climb was called Booboo and rated as a V.Diff which is paradoxically quite easy in rock climbing terms, but it was certainly a challenge for us. It was a 4 pitch climb, meaning 4 lengths of rope, much more than Nina and I had ever done before. We were totally fine on the first 3 pitches, but we took a long time as we were new to all the knots and gear etc. The darkness closed in quietly and we were looking up at the last and hardest pitch of the day. Our friend bravely raced up this bit ‘solo’ (with nothing to save him if he fell), so that he could rig up a rope at the top and we could follow. Even though we were safe, we still had to climb some very tricky sections with no help or advice, as the light was slipping away. If Nina or I had of bottled it or freaked out it would have been a V. Diff situation. We both made it to the top feeling elated after a thrilling experience.




5 thoughts on “A different kind of Fast

  1. Hi Russell and Nina      Well done on being so positive whatever is thrown at you ! It’ll certainly be an episode in your lives that you’ll never forget and that you will look back on with fond memories.     I’m contacting you to let you know that we are both thinking of you (hopefully you are still maintaining warm toes) plus Stuart Beaney asked me when you were next back in London as both James and himself feel that we can still win the Surrey League this year.    We are 63 points behind Thames H&H and if we put out a really strong team in the last match that could score 130 points or less then we would have a real chance of succeeding. However you would need to be there !    I know that you had originally hoped to come to London on a regular basis, although in life plans can change, and if that is still in your plans then see if you can come back to London on the weekend of Feb 9th – the race is in Coulsdon and it’s the usual 5 miles,    Kent AC will give you £50 or so towards the petrol if that comes into the reasoning.                                                                                                        Let me know what you think.                                                                                                                                                                Ken  


  2. I just LOVE the washing on the line. And I also dislike the thought of rock climbing, but trust you if you rope up and are with seasoned others… it’s the risky mountain precipices in bad weather I fear more really. But all in all, lovely blog and fabulous, idyllic pics. xxxxmum

  3. Is that it? I wanted some more. Sounds too good to be true. Nina sitting outside having her lunch/ breakfast or dinner of snack. And you are not shivering. I don’t like you rock climbing so stop it now.

    • well rock climbing is actually a very safe sport and you are 7 times more likely to die whilst playing croquet. We thought we would go with the ‘less is more’ principle on this post, take out some of the blurb to make space for more of the incredible scenery. Not working for you??? Thanks for the love though!

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