Driving Home For Christmas…

…was the song we had in our heads as we cleverly avoided all the floods and disruptions through Wales and across the border into England.

window-viewLast week, beautiful, warm, ‘afternoon nap on the wall’ kind of weather – turned into relentless rain, ‘change your clothes 4 times in one day’ kind of weather. This wet spell came at just the right time for us couple of wild animals to leave the hills for the 5 star luxury that is Christmas. With a rucksack each full of dirty, wet clothes. We’ll be back here in a week.

We had just enough time to take a picture of how, despite our efforts to clear the gully by the side of our path, it was completely over-run and turned into a waterfall.

We have had 4 sheep die in the land around Gelli, since we arrived. The latest victim was a problem because it died in the stream just near our path. Not only did it smell really bad every time we passed by, it was also decomposing in the stream which our neighbours at the bottom of the hill could well be using as a water source. So Russell shifted it, he wouldn’t let me go near the thing because I’m his ‘princess’.


After the fell race and the high mileage, I was planning to take it easy on myself this week. But although I only ran 70 miles, it wasn’t easy at all! The weather was really bad everywhere, but it gets so much worse up in the mountains. All the beautiful views close up and it becomes a dark and scary place. The wind just gets brutal. It shoots the rain into you like pieces of glass. I would be bent over running into it, head down, eyes closed, shoes and clothes soaked through and slipping on the boggy ground. There was no one else around for miles, my mobile was wet, and there is no reception half the time anyway. If I had of slipped and twisted an ankle I would have been in real trouble.

trainersI don’t know if there is even any benefit of running in those conditions, form goes out the window and I felt like that kangaroo in the arctic. After three or four days like this, I was not the happiest guy in the world, pulling on wet socks to go out in it again.

One afternoon I just sat in the car for about half an hour, waiting hopelessly for the rain to suddenly stop, even though it had been raining all day and was forecast to carry right on through the night. I munched on Nina’s M&Ms, and knowing she would be pissed when she found out did make me feel a bit better. Hopefully now we’re home the warmth will recharge my batteries so I can give the Ribble Valley 10km a good go in a week’s time.

With the sheep thing… I hope I don’t sound sexist, but it is nice for men to be able to do the few things left to them, like taking spiders out of baths, carrying prams down stairs, opening tightly fastened jars, and hauling rotting carcasses out of streams.

And with that lovely thought, may we take this opportunity to wish you all amerry-christmas4


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