First Post


live-hereWhy have we carried all this (oh – and a guitar) half way up a mountain in Snowdonia?

30 minutes up the steep trail from our car, is the house named Gelli (pronounced ‘Gethli’).  We walked it 27 times, looking like very slow donkeys, to get this lot up here.  Russell better be on that stretch machine every night.

You can just make out the house in the picture on the right here.


nina-laptopOur reward is a brilliantly basic life with no electricity, central heating or running water.  And some more trips up carrying gas canisters, paraffin and coal.  We go to bed in a temperature of 5°C (oh yeah – we carried up a digital thermometer too).Why are we doing this for the next six months?  Get our blog on a regular to find out.  This year, armed with a laptop and dongle, we’re coming to you right now from an open fire, candle light and a sky full of stars.  

Looking forward to a frosty long run tomorrow.




18 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Hey Krazies! Am missing you loads and still very jealous. Hope you are having an Awesome time and get lots of snow. But manage to stay warm Xx

    • Hey Alison – thanks for the jealousy. It’s grossly miss-placed – but I like it anyway. Snow would be great. Until the stream freezes and then we’re f***ed! Missing you and your over activity after coffee – despite myself. x Nina

  2. Hey Guys! I’m totally subscribed up to your lovely lovely blog page! Hair dryer? Seems pretty non-essential and i bet i can guess what the candles and camcorder are for, WINK WINK! For illuminating the place once it gets dark and checking your running technique respectfully. So totally AM enjoying all present day mod-cons available to society such as warm showers and central heating but for reasons unknown I find myself envying you guys out there and wanting to join you both so see you out there late January then! Take care of one another out there. PEACE!

    • Yes we are really looking forward to having our one hot shower of the week tomorrow! Nina has noticed she is starting to smell like a hobo! Be seeing you soon dude so you can kick my arse on the new Black Ops!

  3. Russel and Nina! Just read your blog – good idea – I will be following your antics closely! Me, ellie and scott are well up for coming out to spend a weekend of climbing and hot toddies with you both in January and Im up for some RUNNING too! Just went out this morning to run through the icy countryside and saw a beautiful Kingfisher and a green woodpecker! Its was gorgeous! Loving that you’ve inspired me back into the great outdoors in my winter running get-up.
    Hope you’re keeping each other warm with cuddles and massages by the fire!
    Love you guys, Annie x

    • Don’t know if I could get a massage by the fire from Russell. And I’m certainly not giving him any! So glad you’re back into the running. I’ve got some amazing routes to take you on when you come out. Love to Ellie, Scottie and all the family.xx

  4. I love the idea behind. I would like to do exactly the same and I will follow all your steps in this nice place of nature. @Russell: I won a 50 k Trail Run (the Luxembourg Championships) 2 weeks ago and I loved it. I will try to get the qualifikation for the next year World Trail Running Championships in NORTH WALES! 😉 Then I will maybe see this nice nature, too…. hopefully… we will see… Good Luck and have fun out there… FLO from Trier (GERMANY)

    • Wow 50km is a long way you must be very fit right now! Makes sure you qualify and I we can go on some great runs together in north wales you will love it! Hope training is going good mate, have you done any more obstacle races? see you soon!

    • Yes! Really excited that you’re going to be running the 1/2 in Anglesey. We would love to host you and your wife. We live 45mins away and are well versed in pre race carbo loading.

  5. Dude, you’ve become Caballo Blanco from Born to Run! Sounds an amazing experience and well done to you both for being brave enough to follow your hearts. Don’t miss the delights of the river run with KP too much and take it easy.

    • Wow – what a great comparison. Hopefully we’ll learn to speak Welsh better than his Spanish. Having withdrawal symptoms re river runs. Have been found myself chasing random men, with beards, on bikes, in the dark. How’s your training going?

  6. A big salute and warrrm wishes from London (and good ol’ Oxford where I’ve been all weekend). So glad you’ve started a blog. Looking forward to tracking your adventure from the comfort of my living room 🙂 Really excited for you… xxx p.s. er, what’s a strech machine?

    • We celebrated your birthday out here with some fake baileys from Lidl. It was great, and so are you. A stretch machine is exactly the Medieval torture instrument you might imagine. Only the pain is self inflicted by a wheel. If you’re lucky we might send you a photo of Russell on it. Only the one animal will be harmed in the process.

  7. What an awesome thing to do! I would imagine after 6 months it would be very difficult to come back to the madness of London. I am definately envious…….this sort of venture would be just my cup of tea! Love to you both……& do you take visitors from the outside?! Xxxx Hannah Xxxxxx

    • hey hannah – lovely to hear from you. We’d love to have see Theo and Sophia bashing around in the Welsh mountains with us. Hopefully you could join us for a run – as well as the cup of tea

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